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Three Myths That Prevent Health, Happiness and Hormone Balance...
Are you confused, afraid, frustrated or overwhelmed by menopause or hormones? Are you struggling with hot flashes, gaining weight even though you’re watching what you eat, or getting more forgetful and worried it's Alzheimer’s?

I’m Mache Seibel, MD, one of America's top women’s wellness and menopause experts and author of the best selling books, The Estrogen Window and The Estrogen Fix. After listening to 1000's of women share their confusion and fear about hormones and menopause, a few issues kept coming up over and over.

I’ve taken those most worrisome issues and turned them into a webinar to take away your fears and confusion so you can become a partner in your healthcare. 

Webinar Presenter: Mache Seibel, MD

Webinar: Three Myths That Prevent Health, Happiness and Hormone Balance
  • Discover what to expect - even if you're years away from menopause or you've already gone through "The Change"
  • Find out how to know if estrogen is right for you.
  • Empower yourself to know how to talk with your doctor so you don't feel overwhelmed, anxious or confused.
  • Get answers to the questions most women ask so you feel more "at home" in your body and take back control of your life!
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